News Roundup for January the 5th

So as the Apple world descends on San Francisco for Macworld 2009, what treats are there in store for the faithful? Well, as is only to be expected, the rumours are flying thick and fast. The latest centre around the 17″ MacBook Pro, which will apparently not only now come in an aluminium unibody enclosure, and possibly also boast a quad-core CPU, but will feature a super-thin, non-removable, extra-long-lasting battery. A Silver-Zinc battery, no less. Man, 2009 already feels just like the future.

Elsewhere, all the usual suspects have been accounted for. The Mac Pro gets a mention, and then there’s the Mac Mini. Not satisfied with it simply not being discontinued, it’s said to be gaining dual display support. will see these, and raise you a 28″ iMac.

The thing which all of these rumours have about them is that they’re just believeable enough to be true. Which makes them dull. Of course, there’s always the rumour that the iLife and iWork applications are destined for the clouds. Because sometimes editing video on a laptop just isn’t slow enough. Or the already-evergreen MacBook Nano. Or the rather left-field Apple Media Server. Or how about the iGlove?

None of these rumours crazy enough for you? Then how about this one: Steve Jobs for US CTO. With a special iChat appearance by President-Elect Obama himself as Phil’s “one more thing”. I guess it would make a neat stepping stone for Steve’s 2012 White House run.

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