Sarah Palin Slams iTunes, Glad Steve Jobs is Dead

We don’t generally cover the Presidential Elections — Æ is not a politics site, and it certainly isn’t an American politics site — but this story got caught in our Apple news net.

AP are reporting this little outburst by Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin — we include her first name in case she’s confused with globe-trotting national treasure and former funny-man Michael Palin — as she was leaving her hotel yesterday morning. A reporter from CNN, apparently eager to milk their breaking exclusive, asked Governor Palin for her reaction to the (it would turn out incorrectly) news that Steve Jobs had suffered a heart attack. She is quoted as having replied:

“Well I gotta tell you I think it’s just great. It shows that you can’t go around being that type of person — peddlin’ the kinds of lies that man did to this great nation’s children — sooner or later God’s gonna catch up with you and he’s gonna make you pay for your lies and your sins.”

At this point Governor Palin is reported to have turned to an aide and to have either taken from them or been given an iPhone which she proceeded to flourish at reporters.

“When you’re sellin’ these things — they’re just un-American — just look on the back here: designed by Canadians and made by the Chinese. Un-American. And they come with this thing which calls all your friends and family and tells them to vote for Obama.”

Governor Palin is then reported to have dashed the iPhone to the pavement, before being bundled into a waiting SUV by her security detail.

The Republican party later released the following statement to clarify Governor Palin’s remarks:

“Governor Palin’s earlier comments were taken out of context and distorted by the media. She is of course saddened to learn of the death of such a truly great American as Steven P. Jobs.

“Governor Palin would however question whether a service such as Apple Corp.’s iTunes, which is meant as an entertainment service targeted at this great nations’ impressionable youth, is the correct outlet for such anti-religious works as Cassiopeia Project’s ‘Evolution’, and would urge Apple to make corresponding Biblical texts also available through their ‘iTunes U’ service.”

The smashed iPhone was later recovered and discovered to be an iPod Touch containing a quantity of music and an address book with several names and numbers.

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